Small Sardines in olive oil Serrats
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Can (in case) 120 gr.
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Small Sardines in Olive Oil 120 gr. Can

Sardines carefully selected by "Serrats" Preserves, in olive oil and packaged in a can.

Units per box Price per box Price per unit
12 35 2,92 €/u

Sardines in olive oil (OL120)

"Serrats" Preserves presents its sardines in cans of 120gr. covered with olive oil specially selected. Every can contains between 16 and 20 sardines.

The elaboration of the Sardines in olive oil begins with the selection of the finest quality raw materials. "Serrats" Preserves purchases small, fresh, the finest quality sardines. Once Sardines are cut, it is removed its head, and are manually cleaned, Sardines are steamed and afterwards are canned with olive oil. The time between capture and canning of the Sardines is minimum, thus it is guaranteed that the Sardines keep their nutritional properties.

With its characteristic aroma and flavour, "Serrats" Sardines stand out because of its attractive appearance and its superb presentation. "Serrats" Sardines are carefully cleaned; they are bright and tasty and have a soft and juicy texture.

In recent years, Sardines became very popular due to its highly nutritional values. A can of Sardines in olive oil contains a large number of vitamin B12 along with vitamins A, D, K, E. Sardines also contain a great amount of proteins, sodium, phosphorus, iodine and calcium. In addition, Sardines contain poly-unsaturated fats, specially Omega-3 fatty acids and oleic acids.

Nutritional facts for 100g
Energy 186kcal - 778kJ
Fat 10g
of which Saturated Fat 2g
Carbohydrate 2,2g
of which sugars 0g
Protein 21,8g
Salt 2g
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