125 Aniversary Gift Box

125 Aniversary Gift Box
Contents of the "ANIVERSARY" Gift Box
Denomination Net W. Drained W. Units
White Tuna (Albacore) in olive oil (Jar 350 gr.) 320g. 210g. 1
White Tuna (Albacore) Fillets "Ventresca" (Belly) in olive oil (Can (in case) 120 gr.) 115g. 81g. 1
White Tuna (Albacore) Fillets "Cogote" in olive oil (Can (in case) 120 gr.) 115g. 81g. 1
Anchovy Fillets from the Bay of Biscay in olive oil (Can (in case) 120 gr.) 100g. 50g. 1
Sardines in olive oil (Can (in case) 120 gr.) 115g. 80g. 1

Serrats Exclusive Sets

It’s been a a long time since the firts José Serrats arrived to Bermeo and established the first Serrats plant in 1890.

Nowadays, 5 generations passed through, and that original will of offering the best fish preserves has not changed at all. And this is one of the principal keys to proudly say that we have reached 125 years making preserves!!

So to celebrate this special achievement, we decided to launch an assortment of 5 of our best preserves that come along with a small book with 5 ideas to cook these preserves, one recipe for each 25 years we have been in the business.

Each dish tells a story f the most representative moments in our history beginning this journey in 1890 and finishing today…

If you feel like enjoying these 5 luxury preserves and taking a gastronimic/historic journey, then this box is specially made for you.

A very special idea for giving as a present or just to give it to yourself…

This is an exquisite assortment composed by 5 of our most representative preserves, Anchovy Fillets from the Bay of Biscay, White Tuna Belly and Nape, covered with a specially selected olive oil; our White Tuna Loins presented in a glass jar, an to end, our Tiny Sardines from the Bay of Biscay, also covered with olive oil. All of them are carefully packaged by expert hands and show our “know how” acquired through five generations.

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