KOSHER White Tuna

KOSHER White Tuna

Our KOSHER White Tuna is certified by the chief rabbinate in Madrid.

A rabbi comes from Madrid to our plant to ensure we make our White tuna following the KOSHER specifications.

White tuna is the highest quality fish among the tuna family, and in sumer it aproaches in big groups to the Bay of Biscay where it is captured one by one by the fishermen. It is carachterized by it’s white meat, it’s great flavour and it’s fine texture, the finest among tunas.

White tunas’s body is stylish and it is protected by scales. The back has a very characteristic dark blue,  while the belly is grayish and brilliant. It can be easily idenfified due to it’s long side wings. It’s median size is 75 centimeters long, and it can weigh between 10 and 15 kilos.

In Conservas Serrats we use the loins, the nape and the belly from the White tunas we pick.

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