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Serrats Preserves Distributors

Serrats Preserves is looking for distributors capable of distributing our delicacies at the international level.

We require:

Prior experience in the high quality gourmet food sector.
A list of contacts in the gourmet-delicacies sector: specialized stores, hotels or high-end restaurants.
Capacity to recognize and evaluate a fish preserve elaborated using fresh fish from the Gulf of Biscay… As this is the only way to transmit the quality of our products and differentiate them from other preserves in the market.
A deep understanding and knowledge of the market and fish preserves, primarily White Tuna (Albacore).
Storage capability to maintain our products properly. The White Tuna (Albacore) and Yellowfin Tuna don't require any special care, however the semi preserves of Anchovies must be refrigerated between 5º y 12º.

United States

Distributor: Ole Ole Foods Inc.
Store: Dean&DeLuca
Web: www.oleolefoods.com

Ole Ole Foods Inc.

United States

Distributor: Ole Ole Foods Inc.
Store: Zabar's
Web: www.oleolefoods.com

Peck’s (Milán)


Distributor: Longino & Cardenal SPA
Store: Peck’s (Milán)
Web: www.longino.it

Il Cucchiaio di Legno


Distributor: Longino & Cardenal SPA
Store: Il Cucchiaio di Legno
Web: www.longino.it

Cap Hispania (París)


Distributor: Cap Hispania
Store: Cap Hispania (París)
Web: www.caphispania.fr

Bien Manger


Distributor: Bien Manger
Store: Bien Manger
Web: www.bienmanger.com

DCJ Delta Commerce Japan


Distributor: DCJ Delta Commerce Japan
Web: www.deltajpn.com

Fine Cheese

United Kingdom

Store: Fine Cheese
Web: www.finecheese.co.uk