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Return conditions, Satisfaction Guarantee

If you do not fall in love with our products, we will pick them up for free.

We are convinced that you will love our preserves as soon as you try them. But if not, we are happy to pick them up and offer you a full refund.

You may return a box of preserves within 15 calendar days after receiving it, as long as only one can or jar is opened. For example, if you purchase a box of 12 jars of longfinned tuna in olive oil, the remaining 11 units that have not been opened should be returned.

To arrange a return,  please call us at 94 6187280 and we will send a messenger to pick up the merchandise.

As soon as we have received the box returned at Conservas Serrats, we will verify that everything is in order and proceed to a full refund of the amount paid for said box, including shipping costs.

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