White Tuna (Albacore) in olive oil low sodium
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Can 120 gr.
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"Low Sodium" White Tuna (Albacore) in Olive Oil 120 gr. Cans 12 units

"Low Sodium" White Tuna (Albacore) loins carefully selected by "Serrats" Preserves, in olive oil and packaged in a can.

Units per box Price per box Price per unit
12 31 2,58 €/u
25 64 2,56 €/u
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"Low Sodium" White Tuna (Albacore) in olive oil (OL 120)

The White Tuna (Albacore) or "Thunnus Alalunga" is captured, one by one, in the Gulf of Biscay and in the best moment of the season respecting the traditional fishing tackle. Because its aroma, its refined taste, its smooth white meat and its properties, White Tuna (Albacore) composes the elitist range of the tuna fish.

Once we have selected the best fishes, we cooked them and, following a meticulous and handmade process, the White Tuna (Albacore) is prepared and packaged. The skill and experience acquired over five generations is the key of the exceptional taste and appearance of our preserves.

The glass jar RO-120 is elaborated using White Tuna (Albacore) loins, which are covered with specially selected olive oil. The difference between the traditional White Tuna (Albacore) and the new "Low Sodium" White Tuna (Albacore) is in cooking process. The traditional White is boiled with brine, whereas "Low Sodium" White Tuna (Albacore) is boiled in water and during this cooking process no salt is added. Thus, it is guaranteed that the level of Sodium is lower than 0,12 gr.

The "Low Sodium" White Tuna (Albacore) is the healthiest choice for those who have to follow a low sodium diet. It is recommended for people who suffer hypertension, who have a high risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases or who want to take care of their diet. It is now possible to taste White Tuna (Albacore) of the finest quality without neglecting your body.

Because of its size, this jar is recommended for individual consumption or as an accompaniment.

Nutritional facts for 100g
Energy 233kcal - 973kJ
Fat 13,9g 
of which Saturated Fat 2,4g
Carbohydrate 0g 
of which sugars 0g 
Protein 26,9g
Salt <0,3g
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