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"Serrats" Preserves Company

Since 1890

In 1890, José Serrats established the company in Bermeo, with a desire to preserve and transport the delicious flavours of the Bay of Biscay. Helped by the exceptional quality of the fish, he implemented the newest techniques of the time from leading preserve companies in France, which allowed him to rapidly introduce his products in various European markets.

In 1914, "Hijos de José Serrats" began exporting to the North American market.

The freshest fish

We only utilize the best raw materials , White Tuna (Albacore) and Anchovies of the highest quality. Fish specially selected and always using traditional fishing techniques .

An Artisanal Process

Our White Tuna (Albacore) and Anchovy Preserves, are elaborated following a careful artisanal process , learned and improved over the course of five generations.

This careful work combined with the selection of the best raw materials - fish, oil, and packaging -, are how we guarantee the quality of our products and how we achieve our objective: preserves of exceptional quality.

Modern Technology

Our facilities utilize innovative technologies that allow us to better select, prepare, and maintain our products, guaranteeing that our goods reach our clients in optimal conditions.

This, combined with a diligent and strict system of quality control, is what allows us to have confidence that the high quality of our products will meet the highest expectations of any market, domestic or international.